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The ability to communicate effectively has been frequently called out as one of the key attributes of successful people. Over the years, academicians and teachers have demonstrated that effective communication is a skill that can be acquired and even mastered.

At Anthem Academy, we have prepared specialised training programmes and well-designed modules for strengthening English Communications skills. In addition to various levels of spoken English courses, we have also developed instructional modalities for personality development and soft skills that help our students not only blend smoothly into the modern, globalised environment of today, but also play a leading role in it.

A well-developed personality, smart social skills and fluency in English are key enablers for success in careers across industries. All students of Anthem Academy have the unique, add-on access to our smartly-designed programs irrespective of their course of choice. The programmes help our students refine their spoken English skills, understand empathy and stress management, develop thinking, innovativeness and team building skills, while nurturing a strong results orientation.

  • Thus ensuring Anthem Academy students can compete with the best in any industry! And Win!

  • Specialized Programmes for call centres, IELTS and BULATS.

  • A key distinguishing element is the inclusion of soft skills and personality development modules in all our courses. Our students across disciplines also have access to our well evolved English communications courses.
Courses Offered
3 months Certificate Programme in Spoken English Basic/Advanced
- Basic grammar, sentence formation
- Modals, standardised prepositions
- Conversations
- Word power
- Pronunciations
- Role play
- Phone/social/biz etiquette
- Individual presentation
6 months Diploma in Communications, Soft Skills and Personality Development
- Stress management
- Time Management
- Body Language
- Interview techniques
- Power dressing
- Public speaking
- Leadership skills
- Managing people/situations
3 months specialised programme for Call Centres
- Business Communications
- Listening
- Empathy
- Voice modulation
- Telephone etiquette
- Process training
- Dealing with irate customers
- Accent neutralisation
- Articulation
3 months preparatory course for IELTS
3 month specialised programme for BULATS
Other Courses

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